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Did Dunkin’ get its loyalty shakeup wrong? The revamped program’s emphasis on food items could be a play for higher check sizes, but making members pay a premium for coffee rewards could burn the chain.

KFC is giving chicken wings another go and putting Hot and Spicy Wings back on the menu. A fitting menu addition for the onset of football season – a.k.a. the most popular background entertainment while eating wings. Grab an oito-piece order for $4.99 for a limited time.

When you start an on-line order, you can make modifications to the menu ingredients on-line; when ordering at the restaurant, simply ask the crew member to hold a given ingredient.

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Great so far, could be better. The app is great. The only problem is that you can't customize your order. My family likes a mix of crispy and original but the app doesn't let you mix them.

On Tuesdays at KFC for a limited time, get a bucket of oito drumsticks and thighs for just $10. Order directly from to get the deal. You should see something like this on their read more website on Tuesdays; click on “Order Now” to get the special $10 price:

For those who can’t resist bite-sized pieces of chicken with the same famous KFC flavor, the Popcorn Chicken is a go-to choice. It’s perfect for snacking on the go or sharing with friends and family.

Get your hands on our cem% white meat chicken nuggets near you, hand breaded in our Original Recipe® and made fresh for every order.

From our crispy fried chicken to our savory side dishes, KFC is here to meet your fried chicken needs all day long. Our Bridgewater location also offers em linha ordering for pick up or delivery, so you can enjoy our freshly prepared chicken combos and meals whenever you want.

Get your hands on our cem% white meat chicken nuggets near you, hand breaded in our Original Recipe® and made fresh for every order.

Who knew? It used to be even cheaper, according to one Redditor. "This used to be a $1.99. Whenever I would go to get this on Tuesdays the place would be packed with senior citizens trying to get a cheap meal."

After being recommissioned as a Kentucky colonel in 1950 by Governor Lawrence Wetherby, Sanders began to dress the part, growing a goatee and wearing a black frock coat (later switching to a white suit), a string tie, and referring to himself as "Colonel".

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Grab our signature chicken sandwich near you, featuring an Em excesso crispy fried chicken filet with premium pickles and mayo on a warm brioche-style bun. Choose between our classic and spicy chicken sandwich.

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